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Why Am I Here?

I began my journey in education 10 years ago. I often heard things like, "You are doing all the work" or "You need to let your students do more," but these words often baffled me. "How am I supposed to do less," I thought, "isn't this my job?" I often had little guidance on what that truly meant or how to do that. Or why I would want to change things. Often I was scared to change. With standardized tests and feelings of insecurity if my students weren't successful, I often led much of the classroom instruction and taught in a very traditional way, where yes... I was doing the most work.

In 2016, I went back to school for a second masters degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, one of the areas that fascinated me the most was in motivation. There is such an overlap in what I was doing or could be doing as a teacher. Additionally, I began to see what I wanted education to be for students AND teachers. I developed a passion to share these two worlds of education and psychology with anyone who will listen! So thanks for "listening."

I began to see the value in creating more student-led learning experiences and allowing students to have more control over their learning. In fact, feeling autonomous in one's own learning is one of the biggest motivators there is. My hope is to share WHY this is important, to provide ideas on HOW to do this in your own classroom or school, and to EMPOWER you to see this in your own classroom or school. Finally, I believe that not only do teachers need more support for their classroom in terms of ideas (cause I believe that teachers have TONS of ideas), but I also hope to provide guidance for administration to improve the professional lives of teachers that they lead. With an exodus of teachers in education, it is imperative to support teachers professionally and emotionally.

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