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Bringing education and Industrial/Organizational Psychology together

A teacher who combines classroom practice with theories grounded in psychology. The goal of Crafting a Better Learning Model is to help others create more change in classrooms and schools so that all students love learning and they're ready to take on the world.  By creating more personalized, autonomous learning experiences we can move students to a better learning model.

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Since 2010, I’ve been teaching high school students. I currently serve as the District Teacher of the Year for Rock Hill Schools. Additionally, I am the Department Chair for the Social Studies Department at a high school in Rock Hill. In 2018, I earned a second Master's Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. I combined both my love for education with my desire to improve the mechanisms behind the educational system. My passion is igniting motivation in the classroom, driving change so students WANT to learn and creating world-class learners. Additionally, I believe in creating environments where teachers flourish because happy teachers are better teachers.

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I would be happy to craft a presentation on motivation or personalized learning for your schools needs. I enjoy creating professional development and helping fellow educators in our profession.


Additionally, I can meet with teachers and administrative teams to provide guidance on increasing motivation, incorporating personalized learning experiences and how to increase workplace dynamics, such as groups/teams, teacher retention and motivation, and employee engagement.

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